Am I too hard on him?

I have not been together with my husband for very long. We met when I as working for Maidenhead escorts and feel in love. Fred is a little bit older than I am, and I think that he has lost a little bit of interest in himself. When I look at him, I sort of think that he does not make the most of what he has got, and could do with a little bit of self care. Getting him to take an interest in himself is not that easy and sometimes I really struggle.

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There are times when I think that I am pushing Fred too hard. I like him to get a little bit more with it, but it is not that easy. When I met Fred at Maidenhead escorts, I immediately fell in love with him because his personality. He always had a smile on his face and seemed to in general enjoy life. Fred is still very much the man that I met at the agency, and I don’t think that his wonderful personality will ever change.

Like all other wives, I suppose that I want the best for my husband and that is why I am pushing him a little bit. There are times when I think that Fred is too formal. Most gents like to throw on a t-shirt every so often, but that is not for my Fred. You will find him wearing a shirt most of the time, and when we go out, he does not go anywhere without his cufflinks. He does look smart but I think that he has this habit of going a little bit over the top with his dress code.

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with the other girls from Maidenhead escorts and I took the opportunity to buy him some new clothes. A couple of sloppy sweaters and t-shirt filled my shopping basket. My former colleagues from Maidenhead escorts were not so sure how it was going to go down, but I think that I have made some inroad into his dress sense. The other day he come down stairs wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It had taken about ten years of him, and I was ever so pleased.

The funny thing is that I think that Fred was pleased as well. Later on that day, I caught him looking at his new image in the mirror. The girls at Maidenhead escorts thought that I should take him shopping but I do not want to push him too hard. I have already pushed him a bit, and I don’t want to do that to be honest. I think that I am going to let him take his time, and get used to his new image. Yes, he would look good with a new haircut, but I think that we are going to have to wait with that for a little while. Easy does it and one step at a time. At least we seem to be going in the right direction.

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