Edgware escorts

I love the sexy ladies at Edgware escorts http://cityofeve.com/edgware-escorts. I think that this is one of the hottest agencies in London at the moment. Just like anything else, things change and the girls move around. In recent years I have dated around a lot and have often been disappointed with service. Quite the opposite is […]

Dating London escorts

Dear Better Sex Guide, I recently caught a glimpse of an article called extreme escort dating but now I can’t find it again. It was a completely new term for me and I was curious to see what it is all about. I have been dating one-on-one with London escorts for quite some time now […]

Sympathy sex

My sister complains that her boyfriend uses his illness to get sympathy sex all of the time, says Nina from London escorts. The thing is, we know that he has a health problem, but surely sex is not the only thing that makes him feel better, says Tina. I have told my sister that she […]

The dangers of date rape drugs

escort agency

Date rape drugs disappeared out of the headlines for a while, but now they have hit the headlines again. It all seems to have started in the United States again, and the idea is beginning to spread to Europe. It is really worrying for people who go out clubbing or dancing, anyone might just spike […]

Why I date Hounslow escorts

I have been dating Hounslow escorts from http://charlotteaction.org/hounslow-escorts/ ever since I came back to the UK. I was born in the UK but moved to Singapore as a little boy. My dad worked in banking and he got a job for a leading bank in Singapore. It was a great place to grow up in and […]

Roll on Christmas

My libido is not the best and I only have sex on special occasions. Having constant female companionship is not a priority in my life. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy female companionship, I love it – not just all the time. A lot more people live as singles these days and that is […]

Many Reasons To Have Sex

Unlike days of yore, when sex was initiated solely for the purpose of creating another human being, sex is initiated today for varied and psychological reasons. This included a desire for pure pleasure, to please a partner, make conquest and express emotional closeness. Most of these reasons were assumed on the context of an ongoing […]

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