The day I Got a Job in Las Vegas

I like to have at least a couple of weeks away from Berkshire escorts every year. If you like, it sort of refreshes me and I get a chance to have some fun as well. Most of the time I travel on my own. My colleagues at the escort agency in Berkshire think that I am mad but I prefer doing that way. I can just get on with my holiday and do exactly what I would like to do. There is certainly an advantage to that and it is fun at the same time.

Also, like I keep telling my colleagues at Berkshire escorts, you meet a lot more people that way. When I used to travel with a friend of mine, I never felt like a I met anybody. On my recent visit to Las Vegas, I did not only manage to have a great time, but I met some fantastic people as well. One of them was this guy who runs an escort service in Las Vegas. I was just playing on one of the slot machines in a casino, when he came up and started to chat to me.

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Turning my holiday into a busman’s holiday was not really what I wanted to do, so at first I did not tell him about Berkshire escorts. He just seemed to have a thing about me as I spoke with a British accent, and looked cute. After we had chatted for a while, he asked me out for dinner the next evening. We met up in one of the top casinos in Las Vegas and had a really good time over dinner. At the end of the dinner, or rather over dessert, I did tell him that I worked for Berkshire escorts. He was a bit surprised and told me that he had never thought that I was an escort.

Anyway, it turned out that he was looking for new escorts at his agency. Most of the girls who dated with him at the moment were really different from the other escorts in Las Vegas, but he was missing a classy English girl he said. It was tempting, but the first thing was that I realised that I would probably miss Berkshire escorts. Not only that, but I would miss my place back in Newbury as well. After all, there is nothing like the peace and quiet of the rural English countryside.

On the other hand, it would be kind of neat to work in Las Vegas. I emailed one of the girls at Berkshire escorts and told her about the opportunity. She said she would jump at the chance just to get away from the UK for awhile. It was kind of tempting but as I did not have a work visa, I knew that I could end up in trouble. Getting a visa, or so called Green Card, in the US is not easy. I am sure that they do not hand them out to Las Vegas escorts even if they are stunning. Anyway, I decided to go back to the UK. I had a good career there and was not about to hand over my dating diary to another girl without a fight.

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